The aim is to produce ground breaking drama whilst empowering women in the film industry both on and off screen .

Research shows some shocking statistics about the percentage of successful women in the industry when compared to their male counterpart.

The latest Women in Independent Film study found the film industry  employed more than twice as many men as women (72% vs. 28%) as directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers and only 26% within broadcast, cable and screening.  

On screen in 2016,  only 29% of  females were cast as protagonists.  Furthermore, female characters of colour were less likely than White females to be major characters. 27% of BAMEs were major characters, whereas 38% of White females were major characters.


As a black female within the creative industry, my aim is to play a role in providing more opportunities for  women , to empower women behind the screens and tell to  compelling stories  with strong female protagonists on screen. I aim to make a change in the industry by using 'Oath Bound' to kick start this movement.

'Oath Bound' was shot in February 2018 with a film crew ratio of 3:1 females to male.